Your Open Times are the times in which your Customers can have their catering delivered to their office.

To be clear, the Open Times are the opening hours of your office or kitchen.

Add Open Times: Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed > Add Open Time

Close Times should be set up for periods of the day, or periods of the week, month or year in which you cannot fulfil deliveries. An example of such a time is the Christmas period.

Occasionally you may have a very busy afternoon and you can take no further Orders. In this case, you could assign a Close Time specifically for a few hours in the afternoon on that date.

If you set up a Close Time for a period of a few hours during a day, the times which fall in that period will not be available.

If you have Multi Sites, you can apply Close Times to individual Sites too.

Add Close Times: Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed > Add Close Time

You can also add a Close Time by clicking on the Calendar

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