There are a host of options and restrictions that you can use to ensure you stay in control of your Online Ordering site.

Self Registration

Self Registration allows new Customers to be able to create their own account login via your website. We would recommend using this feature if possible, otherwise you are relying on the potential new Customer phoning / emailing you to ask for an account login to be set up for them.

It is, however, better to add Customer details in your Back Office account when an organization has more than one Contact who places Orders with you.

Minimum Order Values - Delivery & Collection

Want to stop Customers placing small value Orders? Use this feature

This value is the NET amount for the Order. That is, the amount before tax is added.

The Contact cannot place an Order if the value is less than the minimum

Working Hours Lead Time

If you have a Production lead time of 48 hours, for example, this should be reflected in the Working Hours Lead Time field.

This prevents the Customer from placing an Order Online without an appropriate amount of notice.

Cut Off for Next Day Orders

The Cut Off is useful when you want to prevent Contacts from placing Orders for the next day at the last opportunity.

For example, if you set the Cut Off on Monday as being 3pm, Contacts will be unable to place Orders for Tuesday after the time has passed 3pm on Monday.

If you want to go a step further and specify a Cut Off for each day independently, you can. You may wish to do this if your Cut Off on Friday for Monday Orders is a little earlier than the other days.

Online Order Editing / Cancelling

Allowing Contacts to Edit or Cancel their own Online Orders saves you time by reducing the number of phone calls and emails to carry out these requests.

Both you and the Contact will also receive an updated confirmation with the changes that have been made.

The Cut Off and Working Hours Lead Time also apply for Edited and Cancelled Orders, so Contacts can't make changes at the last minute.

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