Your customer may be organizing a training day and wants to order breakfast, lunch and coffee break hospitality from you.

With Spoonfed (assuming you have the feature enabled) they can allocate Menus and Items to be delivered at different times on the same Order

Your Customer is then of course placing fewer Orders - so it's quicker - and can check a whole day event at a glance - making it more likely that everything is entered and processed correctly. 

To ensure that you Customer can also take advantage of this feature, enable it in Setup > Online Ordering > Options > Order Slots (tick and Save)

Your Customer will then be able to add additional Delivery Slots.

The video, below shows the adding of an Order Delivery Slot

The Delivery Slot showing at the top of the Menu list will be the one to which any selected Items are allocated. 

Just use the drop-down to change the Delivery Slot to add Items for different times.

The checkout process allows for adding further Room or other Delivery information specific to each Delivery Slot.

Your Customer then just checks out in the normal way. The email Confirmation will clearly show the different Delivery Slots, the Items allocated to each Slot and any related Delivery information.

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