Working Hours Lead Time

The amount of time (notice) the Customer must give when placing an Order.

For example, you have set a Working Hours Lead Time of 4 hours, and your Customer wishes to place a Delivery Order for 2pm, the Order must be placed before 10am. After 10am, the option to select 2pm as the Delivery time no longer exists on the Online Ordering site.

If you open for business at 9am and close at 5pm every day (controlled in Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed), then a Working Hours Lead Time of 4 hours that the Customer wants to be delivered at 10am will need to be placed before 2pm the day before.

Dates and times recorded in Spoonfed as 'Closed' (whether added in the calendar or in  Setup > Online Ordering > Open and Closed) will impact the time at which a Customer can make an order.

Note that if you set a Cut Off for Next Day Ordering, it is not necessary to have a Working Hours Lead Time.

At present you cannot specify a separate Lead Time for both Delivery and Collection.

Cut Off for Next Day Ordering - Same Time Each Day

The Cut Off for Next Day Ordering in Setup > Online Ordering > Options allows you to control the cut off point by which Customers need to have placed Orders for the next day.

So, if your Cut Off is 3pm and the Customer logs in after 3pm to place an Order for tomorrow, it's too late. The next day's date is greyed out, and it is not possible to select that date.

It is possible for staff Users to add the Order in the Back Office, however, so Customers are still able to call and place Orders after that time, should you agree to provide the Order.

Cut Off for Next Day Ordering - Set by Day

If you'd like to have different Cut Off Times for specific days, use the 'Set by Day' tick box.

Your Cut Off Time for each day is the Cut Off for the following day's Orders. So, by setting Thursday's time as 3:00pm for example, this means that Customers must place Orders before 3:00pm on the Thursday if they'd like the Order to be delivered on the next day, Friday.

If you are closed over the weekend and would like your cut off for Friday to apply for Monday Orders, leave the Saturday and Sunday fields completely blank, with no times at all.

Online Order Editing/Cancelling
If this option is ticked, this allows your Customer Contact to Edit and Cancel Orders they placed on the Online Ordering site.

There are still restrictions on this: 

      1. The Customer must Edit or Cancel before the Cut Off for Next Day Ordering or Working Hours Lead Time.
      2. The only person who can Edit or Cancel the Order is the Contact who logged in and placed the Order initially.

Setting the Notice Period for specific Items/Menus

To see how you can set a Cut Off Time or Lead Time for a specific Item or Menu, see our article on Menu Specific Notice Periods


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