Spoonfed will allow you to Export Sales Invoice information (in an xlsx format) for importing into Xero (Desktop or Client/Server version).

The import will update your Customer Ledger Account, the Income Account and, if applicable, the Sales Tax Liability Account in Xero.

To set your Spoonfed account to produce the Export document in the required Xero format, see Setup > Organization > Invoicing > Account System 'Xero'

Please note the following:

If your Customer already exists in Xero, then the Customer Name in Spoonfed must exactly match the Customer Name in Xero, otherwise, if no exact match is found, Xero will create a new Customer. This will lead to more than one account for the same Customer in Xero and result in confusion. 

It might be a good idea only to create new Customers in Spoonfed, that way you won't get multiple accounts being created.

To find out how to Export your Invoices from Spoonfed, click here

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