Complying with card processing security requirements is becoming harder. Gone are the days (or they should be!) of the little black book of Customers' credit card numbers!

With Spoonfed, we can embed links to enable your Customers to pay Online.

Sending a Card Payment Link

If you have added an Order for a Customer in the Back Office, and you have chosen the Payment Method 'Card' (ie your specific gateway provider), then you receive a choice - see image.

The first option (ticked) will include a Payment Link on the Confirmation Email and request that the Customer pays for the Order prior to delivery.

Once the Order has been Confirmed with the link it will remain in Awaiting Payment (sub menu of Orders - with link also in Snapshot on Dashboard), until the Customer clicks on the link and makes the payment. 

TIP - monitor 'Awaiting Payment' closely to ensure that no Card Orders are delivered without being paid for.

Occasionally, it might happen that the Customer is unable to make the payment online. In this situation, you can choose the second option. In doing this, you will need to process the Card details yourself either on a virtual terminal or POS system etc. It is important to note that, when processing the Payment this way, there is no link between the Spoonfed System and the payment processor. Therefore, please make sure that the Payment has been correctly processed before clicking CONFIRM and sending the Email Confirmation - as this Email will confirm to the Customer that the payment has been taken from their card.

The final option will Confirm the Order but not make any change to its current payment status nor send any Confirmation information to the Customer.

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