By conducting the same process as you would when you were entering the details for an Order on the Back Office, you can build a Quote.

You would do this by:

1. Clicking on the Quote module
2. Clicking 'Add Quote'
3. Enter the Quote Details, such as Customer Name, Address, etc
4. Click 'Add Quote' on bottom right of page
5. Select Menu / Item choices and hit 'Add to Quote'

Now, there are three options on what to do with your Quote, after you have built it.

You can Send Quote, Save and Convert to Order

By clicking 'Send Quote', the email will go straight to the Customer Contact in one click.

By clicking 'Save' a pop up will then appear on your screen. You will be prompted either to then click 'OK' to Save and Email to the Customer, or 'Cancel' to Save without sending the Email.

By clicking 'Convert to Order', the Quote automatically moves in to the Orders module.

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