There are two different preferences on how quantities for Production are presented on your Production reports.

Let's say, for example, that as part of a Working Lunch, each person receives 1.5 rounds of Sandwiches, 3 savouries, a dessert and a 2 pieces of fruit

Some may prefer Items to be displayed as sandwiches for 1, savouries for 1, 1 dessert and fruit for 1

Whereas some may prefer to know that you must produce 1.5 sandwiches, 3 savouries, 1 dessert and 2 pieces of fruit. They also want to know how many of each Item needs to be produced if you are providing the Working Lunch for not 1 person, but 20 people.

Here we explain how you can get that exact quantity for each Item on your Production reports.

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As you'll see, in our Menu we have an Item in Section 1 called 'Chef's Selection of Platinum Sandwiches'

For that Item, you can specify what the 'Items per Portion' is. Specifically, in the case of the sandwiches as mentioned above, the quantity should be 1.5 as each Portion of sandwiches is 1.5 rounds of sandwiches.

For each Item, the Items per Portion is the number of Items each individual will receive.

On Production, the system will then automatically carry out the following calculation:

No. of People ordering 'Item 1' x Items per Portion

So if 20 people have Ordered the 'Chef's Selection of Platinum Sandwiches', the calculation will be:

20 x 1.5 = 30 sandwiches TOTAL

Therefore the system will present the total quantity of sandwiches to be produced for that Order as 30.

Now, let's say that each person gets two Portions of sandwiches. The No. of Portions per Person would be 2, not 1.

This may happen if you have more than one Item in one section, such as if you have different choices of sandwich fillings.

The Working Lunch in this case is for 20 people once again, and one Portion of Sandwiches equates to 1.5 rounds.

In that case, the system would carry out the following calculation:

No. of People ordering 'Item 1' x No. of Portions per Person x Items per Portion

So assuming the No. of Portions per Person was 2 instead of 1, and each person decided to order the same filling twice instead of two different fillings from a list of filling choices, the calculation would be:

20 x 2 x 1.5 = 60 sandwiches TOTAL

We hope this explanation helps you to make your Production reports even more helpful than before!

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