Most Orders you have on your account will be regular, confirmed Orders

Some Orders will have, however, a different status.

In short, here's an explanation of each:

Draft Order

A Draft Order is an Order which has been added on to the system and saved, but the 'Confirm Order' button has not yet been clicked in the Back Office.

A Draft Order is different from a Quote as no email is ever sent for an Order until it is confirmed, whereas with a Quote you can send an email to the Contact and then 'Convert to Order' later.

Draft orders appear in red in the Calendar and do not show up in Production or Delivery

Awaiting Payment

Orders which have been confirmed on the Back Office but you are still awaiting the Customer's card payment. The customer must be sent an order confirmation email for the order to appear in Awaiting Payment.

Also Orders which your Customers have placed Online and then paid for by card, after which they have added more choices Online which have yet to be paid for.

No Orders where the Payment Method is 'By Account' are shown in Awaiting Payment


Abandoned Orders occur for two reasons:

  1. The Contact has Confirmed the Order Online and then not attempted to make payment by Card
  2. The Contact has Confirmed the Online Order and the card payment has failed due to a transaction error or because the card was rejected

You will have the option to convert an Abandoned Order to a Live Order.

Abandoned Orders do not show on your Production, Delivery and Invoice outputs.

On most online ordering portals, the operator of the account has no idea that customers have tried to place an order with them, as often the customer will leave and place an order elsewhere without complaining. Abandoned Orders help you reduce the possibility of this happening.

We recommend that you regularly check for Abandoned Orders and make a call to the Contact. Very often the Contact will have made a simple mistake and will appreciate you following up with them.

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