Why would you want to allocate a Menu to Customers on Spoonfed?

You should do this if you have a Menu where the pricing or Items you offer are bespoke to that Customer. Perhaps you even have a special Menu developed for an important Customer.

In that case, you can allocate a Menu by following the steps below (Once the Menu has been created on your account):

1. Click on the Menu module in the Back Office
2. Click on 'Edit' next to the Menu you wish to allocate
3. Begin typing in the Customer Name in the Allocate Menu field
4. When the Customer Name appears on the drop down below, click on the Name
5. Click 'Save'

If the Customer Name does not appear when you begin typing it in to the Allocate Menu field, make sure that the Customer has definitely been added to the system.

A special Menu for a few of your main Customers is a great idea. We would recommend, however, that you do not begin creating and then allocating too many bespoke Menus to Customers, as this over time can become difficult to manage.

It is important to manage Customer expectations. Developing small variations of Menus for each and every Customer on the system will inevitably mean managing Order requirements will become more difficult for your business further down the line.

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