In order to achieve maximum deliverability of emails, we operate a dedicated sending  IP address [] for all  Order Confirmation, Quote and Invoice emails relating to your catering orders.

Sometimes emails are delayed.

This can be due to a number of factors. In the corporate world however, the mostly likely cause is 'greylisting', where large organizations employ software to rejected email that is not from an approved address.

However, if delivery is attempted for a second time, around 5 or more minutes after the first attempt, the email will be accepted. The reason for this is that 'spammers' don't generally try to send a second time - so greylisting is a temporary delay rather than a 'bounce'.

Spoonfed uses Sparkpost, one of the leading transactional email businesses for email sending. They will re-attempt delivery a number of times over 72 hours. The second attempt is usually  20 minutes or so after the initial 'send' and at that point the email is usually accepted by those using greylisting software.

We suggest that you send the following in an email to your customers, who are having emails delayed by greylisting.

"Our catering software provider, Spoonfed, has a dedicated IP address (namely from which  our catering confirmation emails are sent. It has come to our attention that our emails are being 'greylisted' by your organization so delaying the delivery of these emails. Please can you forward this email to your IT department to request that they do not to delay email from the IP address above and our email address e.g.  (also include  if you use a separate email for invoices or if you still use our domain the email is ).

Thank you."

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