There are a many reasons why your Customer's postcode is not be accepted when they are attempting to place an Order Online.

The first and most obvious reason is simply that the postcode is outside of the Delivery Zone you have set up in Setup > Organization > Delivery

Other possible reasons however, include the following:

  1. The postcode is no longer in use. From time to time postcodes are retired from service and as Spoonfed is linked to the Royal Mail database, the system will stop accepting the postcode. Your Customer should begin using their new postcode.
  2. Two of your Delivery Zones intersect. It may be that if you have multiple Delivery Zones, two points or lines cross over on the map. If this occurs, please ensure no points or lines cross over in Setup > Organization > Delivery
  3. No Delivery Zone has been created on your account. See Setup > Organization > Delivery to create a Delivery Zone.
  4. No Site has been assigned to one or more of your Delivery Zones. If your account includes Multi-Sites, you must ensure that you have associated a Site (store, building or campus, for example) with every Delivery Zone.
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