Spoonfed doesn't automatically delete Customers. If you can't find a Customer or a Contact who has ordered through Spoonfed before, the possible reasons are: 

  1. The Name of the Customer (or the Contact) has been changed. 
  2. The Customer (or the Contact) has been deleted by Users in the Back Office system.

If the Customer has been changed, you can search for them by the new name (or part of it) in the Customer module. You can also try searching by Contact Name or Email

If you still can't find it, the Customer/Contact has been deleted by someone in the Back Office. In this situation you can manually create the Customer/Contact again in the system. Additionally, you can use Notes on the Customer Details tab or Contact Details tab in the Customer module to record its details. These might include the account history, historic Orders, Invoices and so on, of the Customer/Contact that you have recreated. 

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