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502 Gateway Error

What to do if you encounter a 502 Gateway Error from downloading too much data at once

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The 502 Gateway Error is a timeout error message from Azure (Microsoft) that occurs when a file is too large to download from the server.

Why the Error Occurs

This often happens when you attempt to download too much data at once. It's most common when a user tries to download a report for all the Orders or Sales within a year, six months, or another frame of time that would produce too much data for the system to download at once. When this happens, you get the 502 Gateway Error.

How to Avoid the Error

To avoid getting this error, all you have to do is download data in lesser time frames. For example, downloading a report for all Sales within a 1 or 3 month date range tends to produce less data and thus is able to download.

If you're using a Report from the Production Module, there is even more data to pull from. For this reason, we suggest downloading Production Reports for a 1 month date range and no more.

For the Order Module and Invoice Module Reports, you can usually pull up to 3 months worth of data.

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