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'Customer Reviews' Report

Collect data on Customer Reviews to see an Average score and how well Customers like your service

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The Customer Reviews report exports an Excel spreadsheet showing all the Customer Reviews within a specific time period. You can also filter to only see Reviews from a specific Customer, Contact, or Site.

Why Is It Useful?

This Report is useful for understanding how the average Customer rates the quality of your catering service and food. Since you can see which Customers left reviews, it's also beneficial to know if someone was unhappy with their food and reach out to find out why.

Make the Report

  1. To generate the Report, go to the Reports Module.

  2. Choose if you want to filter the Report to only see Reviews from a specific Customer, Contact, or Site.

  3. Choose the Date Range from which to view the Report.

  4. To generate the Report in an Excel document, click the orange 'Export' button.

The report lists the following:

  • Review Date

  • Order Number

  • Contact Name

  • Customer Name

  • Site

  • Food Review Points

  • Service Review Points

  • Total Points Given

  • Comments

You can view the data in a chart, also seeing the Average Review of Food, Service, and an overall Average Total.

The Excel Report will look like this:

Control How Many Reviews a Customer Gets Per Month

Spoonfed allows a user to limit how many reviews are sent out to each Contact, which is helpful if some Contacts place several Orders per month. This will keep their inbox from being flooded with requests for review.

  1. In the Customer Module, find the Customer to edit.

  2. Click the Contact Tab.

  3. Click to edit the Contact.

  4. Scroll down to 'Reviews.'

  5. Enter the Review Email Limit. The system will send a review request for each Order until that limit is reached.

  6. Check 'Don't Send Email Reviews' to keep the contact from getting any review requests.

  7. Click Save Contact.

Add More Questions

Spoonfed offers additional review questions that might help you get an even better gage of your service. To add more review questions for Customers to answer, ask a Spoonfed Customer Support Partner to activate the added questions for you.

The additional questions ask about the Presentation and Friendliness of the service. Once added, additional review questions look like this in the Customer Reviews Tab:

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