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How to Calculate Production Quantities
How to Calculate Production Quantities

Build Menus to properly quantity each item on Production Reports to ease inventory and Order Production organization

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In the Production Module, there are different ways to quantify and display Menu and Item quantities in the Production Reports.

Items per Portion

Items per Portion indicates how many portions each Item selection has. A portion size might indicate the quantity for a group or an individual.

Individual Item Portion Size

If an Item is something like a Sandwich, that is likely portioned per person. This means that if a Customer orders 1 Sandwich, 1 portion would be only 1 Sandwich. If they Order 3 Sandwiches, that portion size, at 1, is still set to be 3 Sandwiches total.

If you changed the Portion Size to be 2 Items per Portion, then a single Order would mean the kitchen needs to prepare 2 Sandwiches for that 1 Order.

Group Portion Size

Portion Sizes can also indicate how much of a large quantity order to prepare. A Large Platter of Appetizers, for example, might have an Items per Portion of 1. However, this 1 portion indicates an entire platter of Appetizers that are intended to serve 10 guests.

Knowing how to Portion Items and what these portions mean is crucial to properly interpreting the Production Summaries and making them easy to read for the kitchen staff.

Portions on Production Summary

The Production Summary lists how much of each Menu was ordered. This Product Summary indicates:

  • From the Dessert Menu, 5 Peanut Butter Desserts are needed.

  • From the Customized Bagel Sandwich Menu, 10 Everything Bagels, and 5 Cinnamon Bagels are needed.

If the Items per Portion for any of these Items was 2 Items per Portion, instead of 1 Item per Portion, these numbers would be doubled since the kitchen would need to produce twice as many Portions

This is how to calculate Item Portions and determine what quantity of Items per Portion is right based on how you organize your Menus and Production Reports!

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