The Details Tab is where you enter information about each Customer and the preferences you wish to set for them.

Spoonfed is designed for Business to Business transactions so the Name should be the Organization or Department Name. If  the Customer is an individual or family, then enter the relevant name, here.

The email address on this TAB is the Accounts or Finance address for the Customer. Any Invoices emailed to the Customer will be sent to this address by default.

Ticking the 'Account on Hold' means the Customer cannot place Orders online and neither can staff Users place Orders for them on the Back Office.

Ticking the Payment by Account box on the right hand side allows the Customer to choose 'On Account' as their payment method when placing Orders online. If this is not ticked, that option is not available.

Payment by Delivery does not change the functionality of the system in any way and is simply for information.

Some of your Customers may take priority because their Orders are high value, or because they Order often. If this is the case, you might want to give them special benefits.

Ticking the No Minimum Order Amount and/or No Delivery Charge boxes means that these rules will be ignored when that Customer is Ordering: useful for top Customers

Ticking the Require PO Number box will make the PO Number / Cost Centre field mandatory for that particular Customer. This means they cannot place an Online Order without entering this number.

Similarly, if you specify an Order Discount %, the discount will apply to every Order that is placed for that Customer either on the Online Ordering site or on the Back Office.

Notes are reminders which pop up when a User select that specific Customer when recording an Order in the Back Office. A typical example would be 'No Items with nuts due to allergies'.

Similarly Invoice Notes remind Users of Invoice preferences. For example 'Send a copy of Invoice to '

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